Sea Change is a non-profit Recovery Community Organization based in Southern Ocean County, NJ, with a mission to #CrushTheStigma of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

We provide a fresh, non-clinical approach to recovery that focuses on compassionate connection with one another.

Sea Change combines evidence-based ​practices with fun healthy lifestyle approaches to recovery. We support both individuals and their concerned families, friends and loved ones through private 1:1 meetings, various support groups, special events and outdoor activities.

We believe in all pathways to recovery.

Through peer support services, both online and in-person, we:

~ Make prevention possible ~

~ Help survivors heal ~

~ Thrive in our lives ~

~ Give back to our community ~



#SeaChangeRCO #CrushTheStigma​

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What is a recovery community organization (RCO)?

RCO's are nationally recognized independent, non-profit organizations, run by people in long-term recovery. RCOs organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities, carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs, and/or provide Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS) to a broadly defined recovery community struggling with substance use, in recovery, their families, friends and allies and recovery-focused professionals who reflect ALL PATHWAYS OF RECOVERY. The sole mission of an RCO is to mobilize resources within and outside of the recovery community to increase the prevalence and quality of life from the adverse effects of substance use. [excerpted from The Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO)]

Peer support services do not constitute clinical or licensed therapy or other health care services. If you need clinical counseling or therapy services please contact a licensed provider. If this is a medical emergency, call 911.

Our story


elizabeth burke beaty sea change rco recovery southern ocean county new jersey

Sea Change RCO was founded in November 2020 by Elizabeth Burke Beaty of Long Beach Island, NJ. As a practicing Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) and Life Coach with 29 years of personal recovery and a recognized leader in her community since 2012, Elizabeth had been witnessing community members suffering, dying, and grieving losses of their loved ones. She has a background in entrepreneurship, building three businesses as well as professional experience inside state-supported non-profit organizations. Lastly, with lived experience as a Foster Parent in the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency, essentially living inside families, she has directly witnessed the unnecessary suffering due to the opioid crisis and mental health concerns.

Substance use disorders and overdose deaths had been rising during the pandemic; in NJ, overdose deaths increased 17% during only the first five months of the pandemic. In the first half of 2020, nearly 1,600 residents lost their lives to overdose. Our state is currently on track for a record number of fatalities related to alcohol, opioids, and other drugs in 2021. Southern Ocean County has been hit by the opioid overdose epidemic at a rate disproportionate to other areas of the state, with thousands of residents suffering in silence and currently underserved. In 2020, Ocean County has lost 178 lives and administered 690 doses of naloxone.

Elizabeth recognized the need for direct services for people recovering and their immediate loved ones.

As of May 4th, 2021, we have already served over 200 individuals through all of our services!


Board of Directors

Erin Donnelly, President

Danni Hagler, Vice President

Jennifer Begonia, Secretary

Christine Jones, Treasurer

Laura Dunlap, Member

Executive Director/Founder: Elizabeth Burke Beaty


What is Substance Use Disorder?

what is substance use disorder